Tick Twisters

The O'TOM / TICK TWISTER® is an effective tool for removing attached ticks on humans or animals. You get 2 Twisters in a pack (one big, one small). Visit our merchandise page for details of alternative suppliers.

The advantages of using the O'Tom / Tick Twister® are:

- It doesn’t leave the tick’s mouth-parts in the skin
- It doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen
- It removes ticks of any size
- It removes ticks from animals and people
- It doesn’t need any chemical products (alcohol, ether,...)
- It enables a quick and painless tick removal
- It is unbreakable, hardwearing and indefinitely reusable

How To Use Your Tick Twister

1. Choose the most suitable hook according to the size of the tick.


2. Engage the hook by approaching the tick from the side until it is held.


3. Lift the hook very lightly and turn it. The tick detaches by itself after 2 or 3 rotations.




Copyright Information

  • O'TOM® (registered trademark owned by H3D).
  • TICK TWISTER® (registered trademark owned by H3D).
  • TIRE-TIC® in French pharmacies, DETIX® in Lituania, UNICLEAN® in Russia, TICK-OUT® in Latvia, Tick Stick in the US...