Please note: Tick Talk Ireland are no longer selling merchandise, effective from end of October 2013. Below are links to suppliers of various products.

Suppliers List

Tick Twisters
Consumer (Ireland)
Consumer (UK)
Retail (Ireland)
Veterinary Instruments, Ballyvaughan, Ireland -
Wholesale (UK/Ireland)
JAK Marketing
For other outlets check out:

Tick Cards
Consumer (UK)
LymeAid UK:
Wholesale/consumer (UK/Ireland)

Care Plus products (repellants/tick tests/pincers)
Wholesale (UK/Ireland)
Keeble Agencies
Consumer (Ireland)
Great Outdoors
For UK consumer outlets check out:

Leaflets (UK/Ireland)
Various selection

Tick Resistant Clothing
Consumer (UK)

Various Tick Products
Consumer (UK/Ireland)
Purple Turtle

Wholesale (US, orders worldwide)
Consumer (US, orders worldwide)

Under Our Skin Consumer (US, orders worldwide)

If you know suppliers not listed above please contact us.