Please note: Tick Talk Ireland are no longer selling merchandise, effective from end of October 2013. Below are links to suppliers of various products.

Suppliers List

Tick Twisters
Consumer (UK/Ireland)
Retail (Ireland)
Veterinary Instruments, Ballyvaughan, Ireland -
Wholesale (UK/Ireland)
JAK Marketing
For other outlets check out:

Tick Cards
Wholesale/consumer (UK/Ireland)

Care Plus products (repellants/tick tests/pincers)
Wholesale (UK/Ireland)
Keeble Agencies
Consumer (Ireland)
Great Outdoors
For UK consumer outlets check out:

Leaflets (UK/Ireland)
Various selection

Tick Resistant Clothing
Consumer (UK)

Various Tick Products
Consumer (UK/Ireland)
Purple Turtle

Wholesale (US, orders worldwide)
Consumer (US, orders worldwide)

Under Our Skin Consumer (US, orders worldwide)

If you know suppliers not listed above please contact us.