Pictures of Collected Ticks

Below are some pictures of larval, nymph & adult ticks collected in Portumna Forest Co Galway July 2012. The first four images show tiny larvae. See how small they are ie similar to the dot above the i or the full stop at the end of a sentence. The blanket shows many more seen as tiny dots.

Image 5 shows adult male & adult female. As can be seen the female is larger than the male.

Image 6 shows adult females close up - look at the tiny mouth parts that are used to cut in & latch onto the skin. The adult females have a reddish colour to their body which expands greatly when feeding.

Image 7 shows adult females close up plus an engorged nymph. Ticks can turn several colours when engorged but usually take on a greyish colour as they feed. Females will engorge much larger than males.

Image 8 courtesy of Niall McDermott, shows an adult female newly collected in Sept 2014 after a trip to Crodaun Forest Park (Co Kildare). Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Image 9 shows a tick found by a patient in Galway attached to her skin.

Image 10 shows how small it is next to the tick twister.