Speaker’s Profiles – Tuesday session

Jenny O’Dea (co-founder Tick Talk Ireland)
A lyme sufferer herself Jenny has been striving to raise awareness of this serious medical condition.  Due to its overlapping symptoms to other conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome & the debilitating role of the illness in sufferers who are not diagnosed quickly, Tick Talk Ireland was set up to encourage dialogue between physicians, the government & patients.  Tips on how to prevent infection, tick life cycles & results from some of our recent studies will be presented on the day.

Dr Eoin Healy, MSc PhD (School of Biology, University College Cork)
Eoin Healy is a Research Associate in the School of Biology, University College Cork. His area of expertise is tick biology with specific research interests in both tick genetics as well as the factors influencing the micro-distribution of ticks.

Dr Paul Nolan, GP (General Practitioner, Addergoole Medical Centre, Co.Mayo)
Dr Nolan is sadly unable to take on any new patients...

Jyotsna Shah, Ph.D., MBA. CCLD (Senior Vice President & Clinical Laboratory Director, IGeneX, USA)
lGeneX has been offering "high complexity tests" since 1992. lt is certified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), formally known as CLIA and bills Medicare in U.S. To ensure that it maintains the standards of a High Complexity Testing Laboratory, lGeneX is inspected by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), CMS and New York State Department of Health (NYDH) on a regular basis prior to renewal of licenses. In order to monitor the testing quality, Proficiency Testing is performed on every test offered by the clinical laboratory at least twice a year.

Mícheál Casey, (Head of Regional Vet Labs, Dept of Agriculture, Food, and Marine)
Mícheál Casey is currently head of regional vet labs.  He is familiar with all of the common tick-borne diseases of Irish farmed animals and has encountered many of them as a practicing vet and in the course of diagnostic work in a Regional Veterinary Laboratory,  Mícheál authored ‘Tick-borne disease on Irish farms’in the Irish Farmer’s Journal 2011.