Ticked Off!

Irish feature-length documentary seeks your donations

Irish filmmaker looking for funding to record a film documentary on Lyme disease covering the difficulties faced by patients in Ireland & Europe. All donations are welcome via the link below. Donors will be given the choice to have their name mentioned in the film credits, to remain anonymous or to dedicate the donation in memory of a loved one. Any donation of €20 (approx. $26) or more will ensure that your name is mentioned in the credits.

To donate go to: http://www.indiegogo.com/TickedOff? to donate and for further information.

NEW OFFER by PJ Langhoff
Anyone donating more > $250 USD (or euro equivalent approx 200 euros) will receive a copy of PJ Langhoffs book 'The Fourth Monkey: An Untold History of the Lyme Disease Epidemic'.

For more details on PJ's books go to Allegory Press or why not check out PJ's blog site

A worldwide Lyme disease cover-up has left thousands of Irish people sick, disabled and unable to receive medical treatment in Ireland.

It's hard to imagine any other human illness in our time that is burdened with as much misunderstanding, mystery, misinformation and political intrigue as Lyme disease. Current limitations imposed upon diagnosis and treatment, and the lack of physician awareness, training and experience produce a highly challenging landscape for those living with tick-borne illnesses in Ireland. These challenges extend far beyond an individual's immediate suffering. This is a "super bacteria" which invades every cell of a patient's body. It cloaks and replicates, suppresses immune systems, evades detection and can destroy lives. Ireland has among the highest rates of Lyme disease in Europe…and no effective way to deal with it!

Ireland's situation in regards to Lyme disease could represent an important precedent in progressing diagnosis and care for this disease worldwide in the 21st century. The importance for Ireland to update its policies on these issues is now at critical mass as lives are at stake. This film will investigate Lyme's impact upon public health and the well being of families, as well as its detrimental effects upon productivity, health costs, insurance costs, and agriculture. TICKED OFF! Will also look at the cutting edge of new research, diagnostic testing, and treatment protocols.

As a result of the hard work and advocacy by the Irish charity http://www.ticktalkireland.org, Ireland will have its first international conference welcoming Lyme experts from around the world on 5/6 June, 2012, at Clontarf Castle. These experts are able to, and have already the film director's invitation to speak on camera during this conference, about these issues and their effects upon patients in Ireland. Additionally Tick Talk Ireland has made available their own body of research, contacts, interview candidates, and survey resources to TICKED OFF! If you have been affected by Lyme disease and would be willing to be interviewed during the conference, please contact: lvdstudio@gmail.com

TICKED OFF! will be shot on 2 RED Cine cameras by a team of Ireland's most award winning filmmakers. The director has also have secured permission to use Caoimhin O Raghallaigh's Aonar, played by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra with Seamie O'Dowd, for the sound track.

The film's director has been given access to research and medical information from many of the world's top experts in Lyme disease. TICKED OFF! will tell a compelling story of a disease that is not rare, the implications of which affect us all.