Elisa Vs. Western Blot Explained

If your first tier (Elisa) test is positive or borderline, a secondary test called an Immunoblot or Western Blot will usually be offered. This allows for specific protein bands to be seperated in an attempt to make the testing more specific to Lyme disease.

"The Borrelia ViraStripe IgG, IgM is an immunoassay with native antigens extracted from Borrelia strains B. burgdorferi sensu stricto and B. afzelii (Pko), supplemented with VlsE." http://www.viramed.de/en/bacteria/borrelia-species/borrelia-virastripe

The test is normally sent to Porton Down in the UK for analysis. Please note that test strips were manually interpreted in the past, however these new assays are machine automated hopefully improving on accuracy.

As mentioned in the Elisa section, antibodies may not be picked up in all patients & a negative should never be used to rule out infection.

With thanks to Peter Sotory for the following image:

Western Blot Test Process:

Check out our 'western blot comparison' spreadsheet for a look at various bands tested across different labs.

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